Sonnets from the Gatwick

The Sonnets from the Gatwick were an experiment in online broadcasting and digital editorialising. They were recorder, edited and uploaded to the web between July and December 2009. Their aim was to produce an editorial message from the Gatwick Private Hotel, a rooming house located at No. 34, Fitzroy St., St Kilda.

Sonnet # 1 – It runs in the Family

Sonnet # 2 – The Spritual Realm

Sonnet # 3 – Backstage Ballad

Sonnet # 4 – Food Van

Sonnet # 5 – Wendy Wanderlost

Sonnet # 6 – Retracing steps (featuring Kate Holden)

Sonnet # 7 – A fountain of inspiration

In mid 2010, approximately six months after the production of the Sonnets from the Gatwick, ‘Budapest’ Sandor Somok, who was the host and artistic director of this project, passed away. The following videos were edited in his memory.

Final interview (rough cut)

The last sonnet from Budapest

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