From the Gatwick’s Perspective


by Mauricio Rivera

On February 1998 Victoria Carbone passed away. Queen Vicky, as she was commonly known around St Kilda, had been running the Gatwick Private Hotel for nearly thirty years. With her death, the fate of the rooming house became uncertain.

In an article titled Home is a ‘hotel with heart’, published on October the 10th 1998, The Age portrayed what seemed to be the imminent end of the Gatwick. The article talked about the intention of Queen Vicky’s heirs to sell the hotel. It also showed the critical situation of the private rooming houses in St Kilda, which number had declined from 636, housing 9500 people in 1954 to 60, housing 1157 people in 1998.

By that time, Victoria’s daughters and twin sisters Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks had decided to buy the hotel from their siblings. This turned out to be a difficult task, as Ettie, as…

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